Of all cancer cases, 7.9% were found in children under the age of 14, the ICMR report reveals

A total of 7.9 percent of all cancer cases between 2012-19 were found in children under the age of 14, a report produced by the Indian Council for Medical Research called.

“Clinicopathological Profile of Cancers in India: A Report of the Hospital-Based Cancer Registries, 2021,” consolidates data collected from 96 hospital cancer registries during the period under the National Cancer Registry Program (NCRP). The data apply to all diagnosed and treated cases of confirmed malignancies reported to these centers across the country

The country registered 13.32.207 cancer cases in the 2012-19 period. 6.10.084 of these were included in the analysis due to the completeness and quality of the data. Childhood cancers rank ninth worldwide as the leading cause of childhood diseases, accounting for 11.5 million of the Disability-adjusted years of life (Components).

In India, a recently published NCRP report found that the percentage of cancer in children (0-19 years) relative to cancer in all age groups ranges from 1 to 4.9 percent.

Delhi reported the highest age-adjusted incidence rate (AAR) of 203.1 per million for boys and 125.4 per million for girls. Leukemia accounted for almost half of all childhood cancers in both sexes in the 0-14 age group (46.4 percent in boys and 44.3 percent in girls). The other common childhood cancer was lymphoma in boys (16.4 percent) and malignant bone tumor in girls (8.9 percent).

Childhood cancers are shown for two age groups: 0-14 years and 0-19 years to enable national and international comparison, and classified according to the International Classification of Childhood Cancer.

Except for childhood cancer ICMR report says cancer in tobacco-related locations accounts for 48.7 percent of cancers in men and 16.5 percent in women.

The relative proportion of site-specific cancers was higher in men than in women, with the exception of thyroid cancer (2.5 percent in women versus 1 percent in men) and gallbladder cancer (3.7 percent in women versus 2.2 percent in men).

Of all cancers, the highest proportion of distant metastases at presentation was observed in patients with lung cancer (49.2 percent men and 55.5 percent women), followed by gallbladder cancer (40.9 percent men and 45.7 percent women) and prostate cancer (42.9 percent).

the ICMR Reports suggested that chemotherapy is still the most typical treatment modality for many cancers, regardless of the clinical extent of the disease at presentation, including cancers of the liver, gallbladder, stomach, lung, and childhood cancers.

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