odop: Aiming to be a $1 trillion economy, UP is asking 10 Indian embassies for space to promote ODOP

The UP government is accelerating efforts to increase the international reach of its flagship One District One Product (ODOP) program, which now accounts for a lion’s share of the state’s exports, as it also has a larger goal in mind, an economic giant in the next five years to reach $1 trillion years.

The program promotes traditional industries in each of the state’s 75 counties, which are synonymous with the state’s respective counties. Yogi Adityanath’s government, established in 2018, counts it as one of its achievements, as evidenced by the fact that the center has replicated the program nationally. Last month, the program got a big boost when the Prime Minister gifted 8 ODOP products to eight different country leaders at the G-7 summit, including heads of government from the US, UK and France, among others.

The state government has spoken to Indian embassies in 10 countries including the US, UK, France, Russia, etc. to give them a space in the offices to showcase ODOP products, ET has learned. While the state has opened district ex-portraits in each district, it is also making changes to the current MSME policy to allow artisans to participate in global exhibitions either virtually or physically, with the government paying additional airfare and accommodation costs in the latter case takes on chief secretary for MSMEs and export promotion, Navneet Sehgal, to ET.

A start was made last year when forty products were showcased virtually at Dubai Expo, Sehgal said. The government has already signed a memorandum of understanding with Amazon India and Flipkart to expand the reach of the products across India and is now also working on an agreement with eBay for global sales. In addition, Abu Dhabi-headquartered LuLu Group, which recently opened its first-ever mall in UP in Lucknow, has also agreed to display selected ODOP products in LuLu Hypermarket in its malls around the world, Sehgal said.

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