NtechLab enters Indonesia and commercializes real-time face and silhouette recognition

Jakarta: NtechLab announced its presence in Indonesia with FindFace Multi, a device allegedly capable of recognizing faces and silhouettes of people and vehicles by streaming real-time video.

The NtechLab algorithm is designed to help organizations and companies make better decisions.

This technology is designed to help governments and security services take action faster and more accurately, and to provide complete audience analysis for retail companies.

Thanks to an intelligent, criteria-based face search technology, the system developed by NtechLab can recognize and track what is being sought in seconds. This technology has a high level of accuracy in tracking people’s faces even when their faces are partially covered by medical masks or clothing.


Silhouette recognition enables people to be identified based on the color of the clothes and accessories they wear. While vehicle recognition identifies the body type, color, make and model of a car. This technology works even when the license plate or certain components of the car are not visible.

“Our entry into Indonesia supports NtechLab’s strategic business decisions and global growth strategy aimed at entering new markets in the Gulf, Latin America and Southeast Asia,” said Andrei Telenkov, CEO of NtechLab.

Liana Meliksetyan, chief commercial officer, NtechLab, added that the NtechLab facial recognition system was used by Indian Railways last August to improve critical planning and reduce crime rates.

“Our system is used on the busiest sections of India’s railways and we ensure the technology can recognize up to 50 people in a single frame. This successfully completed project places India in the list of 30 countries already using our technology. ” . “

Dmitry Tameev, Head of Southeast Asia Sales, NtechLab, currently they have a number of partners in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and are looking for more partners in Indonesia for applications in security, retail, banking and others.