NEWS: Chawat and the CSS are in a duel

Arm wrestling between the Sfaxien club forward and his management.

A showdown is currently looming between Club Sportif Sfaxien and player Firas Chawat. At 26, the striker, who came through Abha in 2020, apparently failed to attend rehearsals, refused to resume training and demanded his exit permit. Granted, the player hasn’t set sail yet, nor is he on his heels. But his current demeanor, this engaged showdown, says a lot about his intentions. However, the CSS recently preempted a bailiff and is appealing to take note of Chawat’s absence.

It should be remembered that CSS is banned from recruiting due to unpaid bills amounting to several million dinars.

Only if the CSS is not in a hurry to lift this sanction in the long term does not want to do without its captains this summer, and that in view of a season that promises to be burdened with half of the Tunisian Cup against CA, the championship and especially the C3.

Ligue 1: popularizing the VAR

The FTF has set up a technical committee responsible for inspecting the stadiums where they believe VAR could be deployed Ligue 1. This committee consists of Yassine Harrouche, Aouaz Trabelsi and Mohamed Meddeb. Remember that the FTF used this technology for playoff games last season.

Finally, note that the FTF has decided to release one million dinars to pay referee fees.

U17 Women’s World Cup: Tunisian arbitration “in reserve”

Dorsaf Guenouati has been signed by Fifa as a substitute referee for the U17 Women’s World Cup matches.

The U17 World Cup will take place in India from 11th to 30th October 2022. selection African teams that qualified for this game are Nigeria, Morocco and Tanzania.

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