New wave of Covid-19 is expected to come back, India vaccinates 10 million people in one day

NEW DELHI, – India delivered more than 10 million Covid-19 vaccines in a day for the first time as the South Asian giant stepped up its defenses for a predicted new surge.

The Indian Ministry of Health announced that the target of 10 million Covid-19 vaccinations had been achieved on Friday (August 27, 2021), surpassing the country’s previous daily record of 9.2 million.

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The Indian government was previously criticized after more than 200,000 people were killed in a brutal coronavirus wave in April and May.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the historic achievement as a “significant achievement” for the country of 1.3 billion people.

“Compliments to those who have been vaccinated and who have made the vaccinations successful,” he said on Twitter.

The government of the “subcontinent” wants to vaccinate around 1.1 billion adults by the end of the year. But delivery bottlenecks, administrative confusion and public skepticism have held back the goals.

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Only about 15 percent have received two doses since the Covid-19 vaccine campaign began in January.

India’s daily number of infections has fallen dramatically since the devastating April-May surge that overwhelmed its fragile health infrastructure.

Almost all movement and activity restrictions have been lifted, although experts are warning India’s new wave of Covid-19 hits as early as next month when India’s festival season kicks off.

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India’s daily number of Covid-19 cases began to surpass 40,000 again and more than 500 deaths were reported as of Saturday (08/28/2021). AFP.

The 46,000 new cases reported on Saturday (8/28/2021) are the highest number in two months. Much of the increase has been attributed to a surge in Covid-19 cases in the southern state of Kerala.

India currently provides three Covid-19 vaccines, namely Oxford-AstraZeneca, known locally as Covishield, Covaxin from Indian company Bharat Biotech, and Sputnik V.

The country has so far recorded 437,370 deaths and more than 32 million infections, the second highest in the world after the United States.

Experts say the true toll in India could more than quadruple due to inadequate reporting.

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