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Coronavirus Vaccine Registration, Omicron Coronavirus Variant Cases In India Live Updates: Official data shows India has 304 confirmed cases of Omicron as of Thursday. Tamil Nadu tops the national number of daily Omicron cases.

Covid-19 India Live News, New Cases of Omicron Variants in India, Coronavirus Vaccine Statistics and Registration, Latest Live Update, December 24th Live News: The Omicron wave began to take shape when, in a single day, India saw a sharp increase in new infections related to the variant first discovered in South Africa. Official data shows India has 304 confirmed cases of Omicron as of Thursday. Tamil Nadu tops the national number of daily Omicron cases. However, Maharashtra is still the hardest hit state. The latest reports suggest that Uddhav Thackeray’s government is expected to announce new measures to curb the spread of the virus later this day. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired an important meeting on Thursday. The Prime Minister urged state officials to remain vigilant. Madhya Pradesh became the first state to impose a night curfew. In the south, Karnataka reported the first Omicron cluster based on a leaflet that recently arrived in the state capital, Bengaluru.

Many studies have shown that the wave of Omicron infections is likely to be milder compared to the Delta variant. However, health experts say this should not lead to any kind of negligence from the public or local authorities.

Then there is the problem of the jab booster. While 60% of India’s total population is fully vaccinated, there are still a greater number of people who are not vaccinated. In addition, the six-month period has expired, which means that many of those who received their first dose at the start of the vaccination program are prone to contracting the coronavirus.

Additionally, the lack of adequate genome sequencing infrastructure in India means that we will not know the true extent of the Omicron variant’s distribution.

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Coronavirus India Live News: New Symptoms and Cases of Omicron Variant in India, Latest Update on Coronavirus Vaccine Registration, Latest Live News from Covid-19 India

9:14 (ACTUAL) 24 dec. 2021

Coronavirus Omicron Live Tracker: Italy tightens the rules for unvaccinated New Year celebrations

Italy tightened COVID-19 restrictions again on Thursday, focusing on the unvaccinated and New Year celebrations as the new Omicron variant drove the infections registered one day of the week to the highest total. According to the new rules, people who have not been vaccinated are not allowed to enter museums, exhibitions, amusement parks, bingo halls and betting houses – places they could reach. Sitting in restaurants was already banned, and their dining facilities have now been completely closed as they can no longer be served standing up in a bar. “It is important that we come up with a number of measures to respond to the growth in cases we are seeing in the past few days due to the arrival of the omicron variant in our country,” Health Minister Roberto Speranza told the Press. Conference. – AP

9:14 (ACTUAL) 24 dec. 2021

Coronavirus Omicron Live Tracker: Florida judge recently blocked entrepreneur Biden’s vaccine rule

A federal judge in Florida on Wednesday blocked President Joe Biden’s request for federal contractors to receive coronavirus vaccines, which contributed to a number of legal setbacks for the tenure. US District Judge Steven Merryday wrote that Florida’s lawsuit against the rule showed a “significant likelihood” that the White House was not empowered to establish the requirement. The Florida restraining order comes after a Georgia federal judge blocked the rule’s statewide application earlier this month. Judges in Missouri and Kentucky have made similar decisions. The move marks one of the recent victories for Republican-led states challenging Biden’s vaccine mandates, which the White House believes are necessary to protect Americans during the pandemic. – PA

9:13 (ACTUAL) 24 dec. 2021

Coronavirus Omicron Live Tracker: The US sets shorter COVID-19 isolation rules for health workers

Fearing a new wave of COVID-19 could overwhelm understaffed U.S. hospitals, federal officials on Thursday relaxed the rules requiring health workers not to work for 10 days if they test positive. These workers are now allowed to go back to work after seven days if they are negative and show no symptoms. According to new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, isolation time can be reduced to five days or even less in the event of severe staff shortages. “As the healthcare sector prepares for a projected increase in patient numbers due to Omicron, CDC is updating its recommendations to reflect our knowledge of infections and exposure related to vaccinations and booster doses,” CDC director Rochelle Walensky said in a statement. PA