Nasyiatul Aisyiyah: Hijab Ban in India Human Rights Violation

Hijab ban in India violates human rights.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Nasyiatul ‘Aisyiyah (PPNA) Central Executive Chairman Dyah Puspitarini revealed that the ban on the use of hijab in India is a violation of human rights.

“Wearing the hijab is part of freedom of religion or religion and is also regulated under human rights, so that a ban on wearing the hijab is automatically part of a human rights violation,” Dyah said on Sunday (13/13/2022).

Dyah said that as a people who love peace and uphold the value of unity, it is agreed in different countries around the world that each individual’s religion is a matter of privacy. For this reason, how one expresses and also performs worship by wearing hijab must be respected.

“I’m also concerned that wearing the headscarf is still banned, even though it’s part of freedom of religion and regulated in human rights laws recognized by different worlds,” Dyah said.

On February 5, the southern state government was led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Prime Minister Narendra Modi prohibit clothing that interferes with equality, integrity and public order. The Karnataka High Court on Thursday stayed its decision in response to a petition filed by a group of Muslim women against the hijab ban.

A three-judge panel will hear the case on Monday to decide whether schools and colleges can order students not to wear headscarves in classrooms. For some time now, courts have been asking students not to wear a headscarf while studying.

Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Chairperson for Foreign Relations and International Cooperation, Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim, meanwhile, also expressed concern over the blasphemy incident Indian Muslims have witnessed, particularly Muslim women who were threatened with a headscarf ban in schools.

“My humanity has been deeply tarnished by the Indian government’s brutal crackdown on the Muslim minority in India. And I’m sure Muslims everywhere feel the same way,” Sudarnoto said.

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