Naseeruddin Shah says Mughals are refugees, receives backlash online

Seasoned Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah angered Twitter users by claiming the Mughals were “refugees”. In a clip floating around on social media, the actor can be seen speaking on The Wire’s YouTube channel in “The Interview with Karan Thapar”. However, the clip left out a few lines that were about real looters. In the clip, Naseeruddin Shah is heard saying, “The so-called atrocities of the Mughals are constantly highlighted. We forget that the Mughals are people who contributed to the country. These are the people who left permanent monuments to the country … who left the tradition of dance, music, painting and literature. The Mughals came here to make it their home. You can call them refugees if you want … “

These lines from the original video were left out in the clip: “Nobody talks about Taimur, nobody talks about Mahmud of Ghazni, nobody talks about Nadir Shah. I don’t think these people know this story. It was the looters who came, looted, and went. “

Here is the viral clip:

The clip is widespread and made the “Mughal” trend on Twitter. Here are some of the responses;

“The jewels never stop: the Mughals were REFUGEES. Yes, you heard that right: THE REFUGEES. “

“Why this relentless obsession with the intruders? A new low point – “The Mughals are refugees” … “

“The Mughals were intruders, not refugees. They were armed looters who traveled to India not to seek asylum but to rule, taking advantage of the disagreement between the kingdoms that existed on the Indian peninsula at the time. They had their own culture, a sister branch of the Indo-Aryan culture, the influence was evident. “

“The Mughals were refugees, the Aryans were invaders and Naseeruddin Shah, the so-called advocate of secularism, is the legacy of Mughal refugees in India. “

A few months ago, Naseeruddin Shah caused an outcry on social media when he expressed his dissatisfaction with the euphoria of some Indian Muslims over the Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan. He shared a strong message for Indian Muslims “celebrating” the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan. In a video clip recorded in Urdu, the Shah criticized those who welcomed the revival of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. “While the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan is a matter of concern for the whole world, the celebration of the barbarians by some Indian Muslims is no less dangerous,” he said.

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