Muslim businessman in Jharkhand, India builds Krishna temple for Hindus

Hindus built a temple by Indian Muslim businessmen.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, RANCHI — A Muslim businessman in India has built a Krishna temple at Maheshbathan in Dumka, Jharkhand state. Naushad Sheikh had spent almost 42 lakh rupees from his own pocket to build the temple.

The Sheikh who is also Up-Pramukh of Ranishwar Block said he respects all religions and is inspired by Lord Krishna. When asked why he built the temple even though he was a Muslim, the Sheikh said there was only one God for everyone. Therefore, in his opinion, it does not matter whether a person prays in a temple, mosque or church.

Since most of the people in the area were Hindus, he thought about building a temple. During Monday’s “Pre-Pratishtha” in the temple, people from all communities gather to witness this auspicious moment.

The 55-year-old said all of this happened after visiting a temple in Mayapur in West Bengal.

“I visited the Sri Krishna Temple there. God himself came to my dream and told me that he was present in the village and instructed me to strengthen it by building a temple,” the sheikh said New Indian To expressTuesday (2/15/2022).

In 2019, after returning from the trip, he laid the foundation stone for the temple and began construction.

“I completed the construction in three years and the ‘Pre-Pratishta’ of the statue was completed on Monday,” he added.

The Shaykh said he was sad because people in the village worship Lord Krishna in the form of “Parthasarthi” in the open air. The ‘Pran-pratishtha’ ceremony is customarily performed by 150 Brahmins Hindu and female drummers were summoned from Calcutta.

Meanwhile, the locals were happy that the Shaykh had built a temple even though he was a Muslim. Sangeeta Kumari said it was a proud moment for the village.

“It is very commendable that Nushad Sheikh built a temple where open-air puja is performed every year,” said local resident Hamid Ansari.

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