Muskan Khan Symbol of Indian Muslim Resistance

Muskan Khan has caught the world’s attention.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Muskan Khan has caught the world’s attention. The 19-year-old student has now become a symbol of Muslim resistance India for the discrimination and Islamophobia taking place there. His action of shouting takbir to dozens of protesters who intimidated him for wearing the hijab entering campus grounds prompted a reaction from all Muslims in India, expressing their opposition to the policy of banning the wearing of hijab in the state of Karnataka, India expressed.

The Muslim woman, who lives in the city of Mandya in the state of Karnataka, is a pre-university college student of Mandya Karnataka. This is his sophomore year on campus. And during that time, Muskan Khan always wore his hijab when he attended lectures.

But authorities at the campus where she studied issued a recommendation for Muslim students not to wear the hijab in campus areas, in line with the Karnataka government’s Feb. 5 directive and the court’s decision to allow the headscarf in educational institutions to forbid. Since then, right-wing Hindu groups have taken to the streets to prevent Muslim female students from entering educational institutions wearing headscarves.

The climax is the when Muskan Khan intends to drop off his assignment on campus last week. Dressed in all black, complete with a black mask and hijab, she entered the campus grounds as protesters from Hindu nationalist groups staged a demonstration in support of the hijab ban policy.

The protesters, seeing Muskan’s arrival, immediately approached and intimidated him. They wear saffron as a symbol of the Hindu nationalist group and Hindu religion. Some of the protesters tried to approach Muskan and chanted Jai Shri Ram. They asked Muskan to take off the hijab he was wearing.

But intimidation by dozens of protesters didn’t stop Muskan from fighting for his right to wear the hijab. Muskan paused briefly and faced dozens of protesters. Then he raised one hand in a fist and shouted Allahu Akbar many times.

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