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MUI calls for an investigation into Islamophobic practices in India.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) for foreign relations and international cooperation, Prof. Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim, suggested that there should be an investigation into the practice of Islamophobia in India. This was transmitted after the incident of demolitions of Muslim minority houses and businesses by Indian rulers.

“As with my call a few days ago, there must be a joint force or it can be initiated by Indonesia or by, for example civil society, to investigate these Islamophobic practices,” said Prof. Sudarnoto the central MUI office, Friday (06/17/2022).

He explained that the data on Islamophobia would be collected later India This can be an important report and piece of information that needs to be addressed as an international issue. In addition, MUI hopes that the perpetrators can be brought to justice in an international court.

He said even other minority groups, such as Christians in India, are already concerned. So the problem that is occurring in India is indeed very serious.

“Therefore, what the local ruling party (India’s ruling party) was doing, which was simply firing (the elements of the party), was not enough, so concrete measures had to be taken,” Prof Sudarnoto said.

He stressed that India must change, if it does not want to change, there must be international pressure on India. Involving civil society forces must put pressure on India.

Prof Sudarnoto said that MUI is preparing time to meet with the Mufti of South Asia, at least India. This agenda will include Hindu figures because not all Hindus are as extreme as in India.

“In this way, hopefully this will be part of our energy to get involved in providing support, especially to Muslims who are unlucky and even tend to get worse (in India),” he said.

He added that the MUI would also call for human rights enforcement (HAM), which has actually become a mandate of the United Nations. So that human rights are really respected in India.

He stressed that if human rights were not enforced in India, several countries would now have boycotted India. “I think Indonesia can boycott,” said Prof. Sudarnoto.

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