Meta wants to compete with ChatGPT and will launch more than twenty chatbots

Who has never dreamed of chatting with a Snoop Dog bot on WhatsApp? How is that, no? However, Meta will soon offer this to its American users. The company announced a slew of new artificial intelligence-related features during its Connect event, including the launch of 28 celebrity-based bots. We can therefore chat directly via WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram, but also with Kendall Jenner, MrBeast or Paris Hilton the new connected glasses from Meta and on the Task 3.

Image: Meta.

In practice, it will simply be possible to start a new conversation as you would with any contact. The technology is based on the LLaMA 2 model from Meta, sold in the flow of summer. “Each celebrity will play a character: Paris Hilton will be Amber, for example,” a detective partner who solves crime novels “. Tom Brady will be Bru,” a mischievous sports commentator who doesn’t mince his words “. All of this is reminiscent of Snapchat’s “Friend” bot, which made headlines after encouraging a 13-year-old girl to want to be in a relationship with a 30-year-old man. Apparently, Meta is making sure it’s Technology has been tested extensively to avoid derailments.

My AI: The Snapchat bot based on ChatGPT is out of the oven too quickly

Companies can also start their own bots for their brand thanks to an AI studio. The application should be designed more for customer service and online sales shops. An alpha version will be available soon, with the aim of being used more widely next year.

Image: Meta.

This new feature comes alongside a more general AI that aims to compete with ChatGPT: MetaAI. This will be available on the same platforms as the various bots and will be able to connect to the Internet thanks to a partnership with Bing. Meta assumes that users can commission it to plan a hiking route, for example. The result should fall short of what OpenAI offers, with LLaMA a step behind GPT-4. It will also be possible to generate images using the /imagine command, based on a self-made model That looks pretty powerful.

Image: Meta.

Meta also announced the launch of AI-generated stickers across its various services. It will be possible to describe a sticker textually, allowing the AI ​​to mill and offer multiple versions. On Instagram you can also retouch your photos using AI: you can apply visual styles to a photo or change the background. It is clearly stated that the images were retouched using AI. You will have to wait some time before trying these new features as they are initially reserved for American or English-speaking users.

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