Mauritius: The Indian President invited people to the national holiday

Mauritius welcomes Indian President today. She is the guest of honor at the National Independence Day celebrations to be held tomorrow, March 12

Drupadi Murmu is very little known in the world. Nevertheless, she is the head of one of the largest states in the world. In India, the office of President of the Republic is honorary; she has very little strength. Drupardi Murmu is therefore much less famous than its Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who concentrates executive power.

Upon her arrival in Mauritius this Monday, President Drupadi Murmu will be greeted by her Mauritian counterpart Pradeep Roopun. He is also not well known as his role is also symbolic since Mauritius is ruled by Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth.

However, this visit is very important as India has ever closer ties with Mauritius and is investing heavily in this country where the Indian origin community makes up the majority of the population.

India built the metro transportation system, which is enjoying increasing success. Another, more controversial investment is the construction of an airstrip and port in the Agaléga archipelago, whose essentially military purpose is causing controversy in Mauritius.