Maneesh Gobin: “Nu lebra open pu ban dimun of good will and sincere”

“There is a government team that comes up with developments and there is a team that thinks ‘nothing good’. There is a rush within his political party, but he allows himself to be criticized for calling himself people of all names. You need to know which party people are quitting from. The government does not spoil the people ”. This was pointed out by the general secretary of the militant socialist movement, Maneesh Gobin, who is also Minister of Agriculture and Attorney General, at the end of a meeting of the MSM Politburo at a press conference in the Sun Trust on Saturday, October 2. He made it clear that there will be more resignations.

“Nu lebra open pu ban dimun of good will and sincerity,” he continued.

MSM President and Minister of Public Utilities Joe Lesjongard noted that the Air Mauritius government injected Rs 12.5 billion to save about 2,500 direct and indirect jobs. He also pointed out that the sum of Rs 650 million was paid out under the Wage Assistance Scheme (WAS) for the national airline. “In the recent past we forget what situation the company went through. There were bad decisions that plagued Air Mauritius. There was the “protection”. The opposition continues to criticize and some forget that they put the company in this situation, ”he said.

Education Minister Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun pointed out that Cambridge made a mistake but was quick to correct itself. “A mistake has occurred and we are not going to make a decision on a whim,” she said.