Make way for actor, model and filmmaker Raghav Sharma who shows all the qualities and potential to conquer the entertainment world

There are countless talented people working in different sectors around the world making sure they are always doing their best. Working rigorously toward their goals to reach the top of their chosen industries, they make a notable name for themselves in whatever they choose to do in their professional lives alongside their travels. However, a handful of them are still unique and take every opportunity in their lives to let their work speak for itself. That is the excellence they run behind and eventually end up with the success they strive for in their lives. Who better to serve as an example here than Raghav Sharma? He is the driven and determined person that many in the modeling and entertainment worlds know.

Born and raised in Delhi, India, Raghav Sharma confesses that he was drawn to all things artistic and creative from an early age. This early realization motivated him to be the first to become part of the modeling world and so he entered the same as a youth. He began his modeling career at Lakme Fashion Week, walking the ramp for top Indian designers Rohit Bal and Ashish Soni and many others. One opportunity led to another and Raghav Sharma continued to receive offers as a model, leading him to start hosting fashion shows across India and around the world.

Gradually he even got opportunities for print and commercials like Nokia, Enfield, Tuscan Verve, Zee Promo etc. This helped him hone his skills as a model and in 2012 he became Mr. India Worldwide, another feather in his cap , which brought him closer to his dreams. Soon he was offered a Bollywood film “Sixteen”. He went to the theater and even studied directing at the London Film Academy, which led him to direct short films like Sinking India and Why Me? directed and played by him.

He was also one of the faces representing India at the 75th Cannes Film Festival 2022 and upon his return to India he is ready to work on his next feature film titled Awakened Eyes.

To find out more, follow him on Instagram @raghavsharma_officiall.

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