Macron and Modi vow to “act together” after the submarine dispute | Europe news

France is particularly angry with the US for secretly holding talks about the new strategic alliance between the US, UK and Australia, Aukus.

President Emmanuel Macron spoke to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region as Paris deals with the aftermath of Australia’s cancellation of a $ 40 billion French submarine contract.

The two heads of state and government had a telephone conversation on Tuesday, it said in a statement from Macron’s office, which also discussed issues such as the crisis in Afghanistan.

Australia said last week that it would abandon a 2016 contract with the French Naval Group to build a fleet of conventional submarines and instead build at least eight nuclear-powered submarines using US and UK technology after it formed a trilateral security partnership called Aukus was received.

Australia informed France just hours before it got out of the submarine deal, according to the French government.

France called it a stab in the back.

Last week, Paris called its US and Australian ambassadors back after Australia canceled the previous deal.

France is particularly angry with the US for secretly holding talks about the new strategic alliance.

China, on the other hand, has denounced Aukus and warned of an intensified arms race in the region.

In their phone calls, Macron and Modi said they would “act together in an open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region”.

Macron assured Modi of France’s continued “commitment to strengthening India’s strategic autonomy, including its industrial and technological base, as part of a close relationship based on trust and mutual respect.”

The statement by Macron’s office said that the joint approach of France and India will aim to “promote regional stability and the rule of law while excluding any form of hegemony”.

Macron’s conversation with the Indian head of state came before a planned meeting with US President Joe Biden.

Biden has asked to speak to Macron, but no date has been set.