Looking for business partners in Madagascar

Mr. Ajai Manohar Lal, Head, Department of Commercial Affairs, NIIT.

India is one of the world leaders in information technology. Thanks to its high-quality higher education system, specialized information technology institutes in India impart their skills not only to Indians but also to foreigners across the world. The National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) in India is one of such internationally renowned institutes.

According to Ajai Manohar Lal, Head of the Department of Commercial Affairs at NIIT, during a meeting with foreign journalists in Gurgaon-India, this institute is currently present in 40 countries in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Japan and the United States. Since its 30 years of existence, it has mobilized more than 4,000 employees of different nationalities for its activities, which mainly focus on the development and use of information technology and know-how in the interest of humanity.

Mr. Ajai Manohar Lal announced that NIIT is expanding and intends to expand its operations to other African countries including Madagascar. This company is therefore looking for business partners in our country to be able to provide services in information technology not only to students but also to professionals in various industries who need to strengthen the skills of their employees to achieve the success of the company.

Currently, NIIT is launching the UMIOR (University Studies Mobility Program in Indian Ocean Regions) project as part of the initiative to develop students' skills in information technology. In this project, it collaborates with private and public universities. Malagasy students could also benefit from this opportunity, especially at a time when globalization is in full swing. Mastering new technologies is crucial in all sectors, whether public or private.

Learning solutions

NIIT offers learning and training programs for students or employees from their first entry into the IT world to their professionalization in Information Technology. Likewise, for those who want to expand their competencies in cutting-edge technology. The programs are also carried out on request by companies on specific topics that represent learning solutions, such as strategic consulting, the development of software content used at the corporate level, the development of learning tools for employees, etc. For NIIT, the goal is to train people to become technology professionals and provide effective solutions for the success of the company in which they work.

Collected by Ben