Live news updates: Lanka Prez may expand cabinet to include all parties

Live News Updates: Sri Lanka’s new President Ranil Wickremesinghe called on the military to maintain “public order” and troops began dismantling a key protest site near the presidential office early Friday, sparking tense scenes with protesters. The seaside Galle Face camp was swarmed by hundreds of soldiers and police officers who arrested some protesters and tore down the makeshift tents. A nationwide state of emergency, allowing military and police to arrest and detain people, remains in place.

The agreement to resume grain shipments from Ukrainian ports across the Black Sea to international markets is “a ray of hope” for the world, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said. The deal signed on Friday by Ukraine, Russia and Türkiye under the auspices of the United Nations “opens a route for commercial food exports from Ukraine to the Black Sea,” Guterres said in a tweet.

Many nations around the world are struggling over whether to accept or reject 5G technology from Huawei Networks – a leading Chinese company accused of espionage. Valerio Fabbri, writing in, said that in some countries Huawei faces product and 5G wireless network bans, security reviews and related resistance.

A federal jury on Friday found Steve Bannon, an adviser to former US President Donald Trump, guilty of two counts of contempt for Congress.

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