Lemonilo optimizes its business and receives funding from Sequoia Capital India

Jakarta: Consumer goods brands Lemonilo received closed Series B funding led by Sequoia Capital India. Lemonilo plans to use these funds for expansion, strengthening its product distribution network in Indonesia, and developing and launching new products.

“We are also developing technologies to provide better service to users,” Lemonilo co-CEO Shinta Nurfauzia said in a written statement on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

Shinta added that the Covid-19 pandemic has become a difficult challenge for everyone in the world. This raises awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Through Wiranilo, he continued, his party is grateful to be able to help many people gain additional income during this difficult time.
“In terms of product innovation, since the pandemic, we are rearranging product development priorities to quickly meet customer needs and requirements,” Shinta said.

Furthermore, his party welcomes the disbursement of funds by Sequoia Capital India. “We are delighted to welcome Sequoia Capital India to the larger Lemonilo family. We are grateful for Sequoia Capital India’s support in making healthy products available to everyone, everywhere,” he said.

Rohit Agarwal, Vice President, Sequoia India, added that consumers are now increasingly health conscious and are choosing products with natural ingredients that are better for their health. For this reason, his party allocated funds for Lemonilo.

“We believe other Lemonilo products have the opportunity to integrate healthy, convenient and affordable product formulas into more everyday foods and snacks, one of the multibillion-dollar markets in Indonesia,” concluded Rohit.

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