Legislative 2022 – Jacky Bryant: “Getting ahead”

Tahiti, May 30, 2022 – Candidate for the general election in the first constituency, discover the portrait and program of Jacky Bryant.

the candidate

A teacher and school principal for 45 years – first in Papenoo before working 24 years in Bora Bora and then returning to Tahiti in Paofai, Fautaua and Erima in recent years – Jacky Bryant is the leader and co-founder of the Heiura-Les Verts party of the year 1997. Before that date, Jacky Bryant was an activist in Ia Mana te Nuna’a for almost 20 years between 1976 and 1993.”I did not succeed in convincing the congress of Ia Mana, socialist eco-manager, of an ecological reorientation.”, the candidate for the first constituency reminds of the next parliamentary elections. “The data on global warming were not as meaningful as they are today, at least in scientific circles that were not listened to. Biodiversity was not threatened as much…” At the time, environmental commitment was primarily synonymous with anti-nuclear activism, particularly at the tests in French Polynesia. “But the issue was reduced by his opponents to a fight against the state, against France, against the popa… By those who also say today that they were against nuclear power even then. “.

Originally an independent political force, Heiura-Les Verts joined the UPLD in 2004 against the excesses of the fin system. An alliance that will last until 2013 and will allow Jacky Bryant to serve as Minister of the Environment under Oscar Temaru’s government. In 2013, Tavini, the UPLD’s majority force, made the decision to realign and end the union. Jacky Bryant and Heiura-Les Verts go a long way with Tauhiti Nena, but the former boxer’s ideological 180-degree turns ended the political alliance. Difficult for an environmental party to act first with the support of Bruno Le Maire, then Éric Zemmour. “After this experience we decided not to compose anymore”explains Jacky Bryant.

His program

Fully aware of the impact of global warming on biodiversity, but also on agriculture or health, Jacky Bryant recalls that “this responsibility” to the emission of greenhouse gases”is also our responsibility”. “Of course, our role may seem ridiculous compared to countries like China or India. But to consider from then on that we would be protected in a bubble would be serious ostrich politics. The Heiura-Les Verts program revolves around the Tahiti Nui Accords, to be negotiated with the state on the same model as the Matignon Accords for New Caledonia. Agreements that would set out a “vision” for French Polynesia for the next 20 years, integrating energy transition issues as well as institutional development or the education of young Polynesians.

The cornerstone of this project, the Thermal Energy of the Seas (ETM), which is now at the prototype stage, needs to be invested in the same way that Svac technology has done in Polynesia in recent years. In terms of development, industrialization and marketing, the ETM must be a priority innovation for Polynesia to “get ahead” technologically on this topic and are preparing the further training of its future managers in this area.

Where will he sit?

Unsurprisingly, within Europe’s Ecology-The Greens, in Nupes.

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