Latest research shows that NONS is able to cope with Covid-19 in the respiratory system

JAKARTA – Recently, the international health community was revived by research published by the world’s leading health journal, The Lancet Global Health, concluding that nitric oxide nasal spray (NONS) is effective in preventing the spread of the virus. Covid-19 in the upper airways.

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The first and only medical device in the world to produce a NONS formulation is the Enovid Nose Sanitizer developed by Sanotize, a Canadian global pharmaceutical company. Enovid has received marketing approval from the Ministry of Health since November 2021 and has been circulating in Indonesia since February 2022 after completing the Phase III clinical trial series in India.

The Lancet Global Health is a journal that is an internationally recognized reference source for global health knowledge.

The quality and credibility of The Lancet Global Health journal as a reference in the world of health can be judged by the achieved Journal Impact Factor (JIP) score of 202,731, which ranked first in the category of general medicine and internal medicine in the journal Citation Reports 2022.

This study, recognized by The Lancet Global Health, concluded that the use of NONS in patients with mild symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection may help accelerate the time it takes for the symptoms of the infection to heal.

The study is based on the results of a phase 3 clinical trial conducted in India on 306 participants who were Covid-19 patients who had mild symptoms and were classified as at risk for developing disease, were not vaccinated, about Were 45 years old and had one or more comorbidities (comorbidity).

All participants received standard care, including antipyretics to treat fever and pain, antitussives for cough, and hydration/nutrition. A total of 153 patients received NONS routinely, 6 times a day with 2 sprays in each nostril for 7 consecutive days. Meanwhile, 153 other patients did not receive NONS (placebo).

In this study, it was found that patients using NONS had negative RT-PCR results on day 4, while those not using NONS had negative RT-PCR results on day 8. NONS was able to reduce the virus in the nasal cavity by up to 93.7% in 24 hours and by 99% in 48 hours.

NONS has been shown to accelerate clearance of viruses in the nasal cavity, improve clinical status (improve WHO CPS scores) and minimize health deterioration due to the Covid-19 virus. This study also found no significant side effects, making it safe and well tolerated by patients.

The journal concludes that all data from this study can be used as evidence to support the use of NONS in patients with early Covid-19 infection to reduce their risk of disease progression.

In Indonesia, NONS products are known as the Enovid Nose Sanitizer brand, which is packaged in a portable form and easy to take anywhere. Enovid is presented by PT Laniros Dian Pharma.

“Amid the surge in Covid-19 cases in Indonesia in recent weeks, NONS can help prevent transmission Covid-19 in the community to accelerate the recovery of community socio-economic activities saturated by the ongoing pandemic period,” said Elisabeth Paulus, director of PT Laniros Dian Pharma, in a recent press statement.


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