Kualanamu Airport for Sale to Indian Investors? The following is the answer from the Ministry of State Enterprises

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – News in the timeline that Medan Kualanamu Airport has been sold to foreign parties.

The buyer is an investment company from India that is active in airport construction.

The news came from the former Secretary of the Ministry of State Enterprises, Said Didu.

Said Didu has disclosed this in his account.

“For those who understand corporations, selling stocks is selling assets – no longer a collaborative effort.

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In the joint operation, the parties enter capital to manage facilities and share profits as per the agreement – there is no transfer of shares. Sure? “Said Dudi wrote on his personal Twitter account, as quoted on Friday (November 26th, 2021).

Quoted by Kompas.com from Antara, it is known that PT Angkasa Pura II, as the owner of Kualanamu Airport, has given its 49 percent stake to a company from India called GMR Airport Internasional.

The government claims it is profitable for the special staff of the Minister of State Enterprises, Arya Sinulingga, to say that the state will continue to benefit from the measures being carried out by a subsidiary of PT Angkasa Pura II.

“Angkasa Pura II receives two benefits, there is funding of 1.58 trillion rupees from GMR and there is construction and development of Kualanamu from 56 trillion rupees with the first phase of 3 trillion rupees,” he said.

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Arya said the sale of 49 percent of the shares meant the company didn’t have to spend Rs 58 trillion developing Kualanamu Airport as the airport construction project was actually partnered.
According to him, Rs.1.58 trillion funds from Angkasa Pura II can be used to develop and build new airports in Indonesia.

“This is known as strengthening assets without losing assets, even as assets grow many times,” he explained.