Kerala, Maharashtra Look out for Monkeypox, Delhi for today’s unified MCD and other top stories

Monkeypox: Kerala, Maharashtra Watch Out for Viruses; WHO calls spread ‘highly unusual’, African scientists ‘baffled’ 10 points

The WHO is concerned and puzzled by this, as are African scientists. Now that we have been affected by Covid-19 for over two years, alarm bells are ringing for another disease: monkeypox. And even India is alert to the possible case of the infection, which is a cousin of smallpox, and is now registering increasing cases in Europe.

No offensive slogans, guns and capacity limits: Cops list 13 conditions for Raj Thackeray’s rally in Pune today

Police have laid out several guidelines for the public to follow ahead of MNS chief Raj Thackeray’s rally on Sunday in Pune. Officials said the Metropolitan Police have listed 13 conditions that must be followed or legal action will be taken.

Delhi sees a unified MCD from today: What does that mean, how will it happen and the politics around it

The three civic corporations in the state capital were officially merged into the Municipal Corporation of Delhi on Sunday. The bodies, which used to exist as municipal bodies in South, North and East Delhi, have now been merged into a single entity after the Home Ministry issued a notice to that effect this week.

Gasoline and Diesel Prices: Rajasthan, Odisha, Kerala Reduction in VAT on fuel; Check the latest prices

After the central government lowered excise taxes on gasoline and diesel to drive down car fuel prices, several states are following suit and cutting value-added tax (VAT). So far, the governments of Rajasthan, Odisha and Kerala have reduced VAT on petrol and diesel. The center has reduced the excise duty on petrol by a record Rs 8 per liter and on diesel by Rs 6 per liter.

North India gets relief from heatwave; Kerala and the north-eastern states are seeing heavy rains. details

The India Meteorological Department on Saturday predicted it would continue to rain over north-west and east India for the next four days. The intensity of the rain is expected to peak on Monday. There is now a cyclone circulation over Rayalaseema and its neighboring areas and due to its influence some southern states are likely to experience very heavy rains over the next 5 days.

Leaner, Fitter Neeraj Chopra is back on the field in June, targeting the 90-yard mark

Neeraj Chopra is leaner, meaner and ready for action while the Tokyo Olympics gold medalist worked up a sweat in preparation for the upcoming grind. Neeraj has spent the last six months getting back to his best form, first in the US and now in Turkey. He’s been training hard with his trainer, Klaus Bartonietz, and is now back to throwing javelins and med balls.

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