Jaipur couple fined £50,000 for driving car over sand dunes in Ladakh Watch | Latest News India

Leh Police said the couple were booked under the law and given bail 50,000 were taken from them for breaking the law by driving their car on sand dunes.

A Jaipur couple vacationing in Ladakh have been booked and fined 50,000 by Leh district police after driving their car over sand dunes in Hunder village. Leh police posted the photos of the car parked on a sand dune on their Facebook handle, reiterating that it is prohibited as it will affect the natural scenery.

“A tourist vehicle was found violating instructions from the SDM Nubra not to drive cars over sand dunes in Hunder. The Jaipur couple were legally booked and a Rs 50,000 bail was taken from them. The Leh District Police Department urges tourists NOT to DRIVE VEHICLES ON SAND DUNES as they damage the natural landscape and violate the prohibition orders,” the police said.

Leh district police posted the photo of the illegal car on Facebook.

Social media users were quick to criticize the tourists for their “lack of common sense”. “Very proud of our Leh district police, the rules must be strict so that tourists do not violate traffic rules. Please keep the mountains/landscape clean and wish more of such strict traffic rules!” wrote one user. Noting that the car’s license plate is registered in Delhi, many social media users pointed out that tourists who come from Delhi, Haryana are indulging in such illegal activities.

Hunder Village in Nubra Valley is a high altitude cold desert in Ladakh, 160 km from Leh, famous for its sand dunes.

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