It turns out that only Indonesia and India require corporate social responsibility, JAKARTA – Indonesia is one of the countries where companies have to take social and environmental responsibility or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).CSR). To support this, Bisnis Indonesia has presented the Bisnis Indonesia Corporate Social Responsibility Awards BISRA 2022 to encourage companies to contribute more to society through CSR activities.

President of Indonesian group of companies Hariyadi Budi Santoso Sukamdani stated that the obligation to implement CSR is laid down in Law No. 40/2007 on Limited Liability Companies. The regulation includes the obligation to implement social and environmental responsibility (TJSL), better known as CSR.

He said that the implementation of CSR is very important for companies, especially as a form of public accountability. Apart from that, however, the implementation of CSR in Indonesia is mandatory.

“As far as we can remember, Indonesia and India require CSR in law worldwide,” said Hariyadi on Wednesday (June 29, 2022).

Great Britain and the United States, as countries that have started to implement CSR in their companies, have not committed to it. In fact, according to Hariyadi, Indonesia demands the implementation of CSR, especially in companies related to natural resources (SDA).

Hariyadi said that a number of companies have managed to implement CSR well. Companies that are able to implement CSR that impacts vulnerable and low-income communities also won the 2022 Bisnis Indonesia Corporate Social Responsibility Awards (BISRA).

Hariyadi stated that Bisnis Indonesia scored five goals from the award. According to him, the main aim is to recognize companies that are helping vulnerable and low-income people during the Covid-19 pandemic, as they are the most depressed group at the moment.

“As an appreciation for companies serving vulnerable and low-income communities, as well as motivating the company to continue serving vulnerable and low-income communities,” Hariyadi said.

He also explained that the next goal is to teach companies to perform effective and sustainable CSR, to inspire companies to contribute to society and to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). .

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