iPhone: Apple Music increases student subscription in certain countries!

Apple Music student subscription on iPhone just got increased in several countries. Sad news for young people.

Sad news for happy iPhone owners. And especially for Apple Music subscribers. In fact, the bitten apple has just announced the increase in student subscriptions in certain countries. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The iPhone 14 is coming soon

Tic tac… In a few months, lovers of new technologies will finally be able to discover Apple’s latest creation. In fact, a year after the release of its iPhone 13, the Cupertino company should present the 14th generation.

A highly anticipated device that should have all the necessary characteristics for optimal use. Indeed, after the success of the 13th model, the American brand must offer the best.

And the least we can say is that phone addicts shouldn’t be disappointed. But on the contrary. The reason ? The latest iPhone has already met users’ expectations.

Uh yes! If the basic version of the mobile can store up to 128 GB of data, then the Pro and Pro Max models seem to be much more powerful.

The latter can hold up to 1TB of files. Never before in the world of mobile telephony. But that’s not all ! Apple didn’t just want to focus on power.

The brand has also gone all out for resistance. And this in order to take action against planned obsolescence. The contours of the iPhone 13 are made of stainless steel or aluminum, depending on the model chosen.

In addition, a great innovation has appeared in the TrueDepth camera. Namely a special notch. Whose goal? Protect the Face ID tool when dropped. A remarkable little extra that users did not miss. MCE TV tells you more!

Apple Music is rising

Be that as it may, the editors have no intention of doing so Promotes the latest iPhone. Some people will not like the topic we are going to discuss today.

In fact, the bitten apple hasannounce the increase in student subscription in some countries.

So, a subscriber living in Mauritius received unpleasant news. An email in which Apple tells her that she now has to pay $1.99 per month instead of $1.49 She has paid so far.

That means 50 cents more… Enough to piss off that student. Especially since acc Information uploaded by iPhone Addictthere would be no explanation for that.

MacRumors therefore indicated that several countries were affected by this upheaval. Below: Australia. But also the Philippines. Singapore. Malaysia. Saudi Arabia. New Zealand. India. South Africa. Indonesia. Israel. And finally Kenya.

But beware ! Some countries could very well be added to the list in a short period of time. For now, France and other European countries don’t seem concerned. It remains to be seen whether there will be a change.

To date, the student subscription for 4.99 euros per month. The standard offer on the iPhone costs 9.99 euros per month. So case follows… And very accurate.

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