Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp now come with verified meta for business people

Mumbai (ANTARA) – Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded to the desire of business people, both small and large, on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp to be validated through “Meta verified”.

Mark Zuckerberg said Meta verification will inform consumers that businesses with verification badges have been validated and their authenticity is guaranteed.

“We have heard from many companies that they are looking to build credibility and gain more visibility. “So I look forward to starting the rollout of Meta Verified in the coming months,” Mark said at a virtual conference in Mumbai, India. Wednesday.

Businesses or businesses that subscribe to this feature receive a verified badge, account support, identity theft protection, and additional features that help consumers or audiences find the business more easily.
Meta verification ad in WhatsApp Business unveiled at the Global Conversations event in Mumbai, India, on Wednesday (09/20/2023). (ANTARA/Mentari Dwi Gayati)

Nikila Srinivasan, vice president of product management for Business Messaging Meta, said Meta verification ensures consumers they are messaging the right company, thereby avoiding potential fraud.

“This feedback comes when users want to know if I’m talking to a reputable company, especially a small company,” said Nikila.

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Reporter: Mentari Dwi Gayati
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