Infosys Acquires Oddity to Boost Metaverse and Digital Experience Capabilities

Today, global digital services consultancy Infosys announced it will take over the German consulting oddity.

In addition to expanding Infosys’ customer reach in Europe and Northeast Asia, Oddity also strengthens digital experience (DX) and e-commerce consulting expertise, helping companies transform their digital footprint and update their retail channels.

On the creative side, adding whimsy helps build experience design capabilities as well as branding initiatives for organizations. These capabilities merge with Infosys’ earlier acquisition of creative agency WONGDOODY. Oddity will be part of WONGDOODY, joining the network of studios in the United States, London and India, according to the company.

DX meets the Metaverse. “We are at the dawn of the next generation of the Internet, the merging of the physical and virtual worlds,” said Ravi Kumar S, President of Infosys. “With this vision, we look forward to bolstering our experience and marketing capabilities with whimsicality to deliver holistic, forward-thinking solutions on a global scale.”

He added, “With Oddity’s digital commerce and marketing expertise and Metaverse-enabled setup, it is the perfect complement to Infosys’ technology transformation capabilities.

Why we care. Branding is just as crucial at all digital touchpoints as the experience. This makes digital transformation a creative problem for brands to solve, as well as an opportunity to improve the experience. Traditional creative services need to be supported by technological know-how.

And this merging of creative and digital skills is becoming increasingly common in virtual and augmented reality experiences. A Metaverse pop-up store needs to have the same superior DX because its visitors are digital natives and will expect it.

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