Indonesia Shopping Festival, Mall Targets IDR 50 Trillion in Transactions per Month

TEMPO.CO, jakarta – management association shopping mall Indonesia (APPBI) is holding the Indonesia Shopping Festival 2022. Alphonzus Wijaja, General Chairman of APPBI DPP, aims that through the holding of the event, transactions of IDR 50 trillion per month will take place.

“For this Indonesian shopping festival, we are aiming to increase additional transactions in all shopping malls across Indonesia by about IDR 50 trillion per month,” Alphonzus said at a press conference on Wednesday, August 3, 2022. This figure is 20 percent higher than the current one Value That is IDR 42 trillion per month.

He said that in normal times or before the Covid-19 pandemic, the national average of shopping mall transactions was about 150 billion rupees per month. There are around 400 APPBI members so transactions are around Rs 60 trillion per month in normal times.

“Right now, the national average has only reached 70 percent. This means that transactions worth IDR 42 trillion per month are now happening on average across Indonesia,” he said.

It was previously reported that APPBI would host the 2022 Indonesia Shopping Festival on August 11-21, 2022. The discount party hosted by the mall was held in all the malls in Indonesia at the same time in celebration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia or the 77th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia.

This activity should accelerate the recovery of the economy, particularly in the retail sector. “We are holding this to at least lessen the impact of the pandemic and uncertainty,” Alphonzus said at a news conference on Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

Alphonzus optimistic about terms and conditions retail trade Things are getting better after the Covid-19 pandemic has swept the world for the last two years.

Supported by the Ministry of Commerce, the Indonesia Shopping Festival 2022 will be livened up with parties Discount specifically up to 77 percent after the age of the Republic of Indonesia in August this year.

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