India’s radical populist right-wing press takes up the Mauritius spy scandal

Between the revelations of Sherry Singh, the former CEO of Mauritius Telecom, then the confused communications from the Prime Minister and his staff, the affair unfolded “sniff” Allegedly, it is now an international affair that is damaging the country’s reputation. While India’s independent news site,

The print title “The espionage scandal that has swept Mauritius since June has spiraled out of control”. According to the author, India was drawn into this spiral, which today leads to a “Increasing calls for Pravind Jugnauth’s resignation”, who is accused “High Treason”. An article in The Wire by Siddharth Varadarajan claims that this scandal is a scandal from an Indian point of view “A PR disaster” with something “adverse consequences for national security”. It is interesting, however, that Siddharth Varadarajan emphasizes that Indian national security adviser Kumaresan Ilango could be the collateral victim of the snooping affair. Because the practice of appointing a former RAW to this post is now attracting a great deal of attention in Parliament.

Now it is the turn of the Indian far right sides to set the tone. the “Hindustan Times” For his part, posted online on August 1, State Department spokesman Arindam Bagchi underscored that Pravind Jugnauth’s statement to the nation on July 27 was the whole controversy “good enough” from an Indian point of view. the “Hindustan Times” goes even further in relation to India’s national security and an alleged link between Chinese tech company Huawei and the former CEO of Mauritius Telecom.

Telecoms: Bobby Hurreeram draws Mauritius into diplomatic crisis with China

This time the target is clear, with the former CEO and China in sight. According to India Narative, “New evidence has emerged linking former Mauritius Telecom (MT) CEO Sherry Singh, known for his anti-India views, and Chinese telecom giant Huawei.”

It should also be recalled that following a complaint from the Prime Minister, a police investigation is ongoing into Singh’s behavior for possible offenses related to violating the countries’ Information and Communications Technology Law, spreading false news and criminal defamation. Still according to the Indian Narative website, “Initial investigations revealed that Singh had facilitated China’s interests in the Indian Ocean region by allowing Huawei to establish a strong presence in the telecommunications sector in Mauritius. Singh is said to have done everything possible to conduct bidding processes that have boosted Huawei’s interests in Mauritius. ”

For this Indian side, Huawei has almost become synonymous with controversy: “The Mauritius incident also reflects how Beijing is using its telecommunications network to strengthen its surveillance mechanism. Several reports suggest that Huawei, one of the world’s largest players in fifth-generation (5G) technology and smartphones, has been targeted by Beijing for espionage.”

Remember that Huawei was installed in Mauritius in 2003 and built the country’s first 4G network with local operators.

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