India’s anti-Islamophobia protests, calls for evictions of Hindus on social media in Gulf countries

Calls to evict Hindus from the Gulf States have met with a mixed response

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEWDELHI – A call for the expulsion of millions of Hindus from the Gulf States is being discussed on social media. This action comes in response to ongoing brutality against India’s Muslim minority.

An Arabic hashtag started trending on Twitter, calling for the expulsion of all Hindus from the Gulf states. Please note that the Gulf Country is home to more than eight million residents India live and work.

The hashtag, which means “Kick the Hindus out of the Gulf,” has been shared thousands of times on Twitter. One user branded the situation as “genocide” against Muslims in India.

“The Gulf States can do more than punish, Indian Muslims are suffering under a fascist regime, we must stop the genocide of Muslims,” ​​they wrote.

According to the tweet, there were 3.4 million Indians in the United Arab Emirates, 2.5 million in Saudi Arabia, 1 million in Kuwait, 779,000 in Oman, 756,000 in Qatar and 332,000 in Bahrain. .

Tensions peaked last month after Nupur Sharma, a member of India’s ruling Hindu nationalist party, made statements insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Sharma, spokesman for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, made a televised statement on May 26 about the Prophet Muhammad’s youngest wife, sparking demonstrations across the Islamic world.

The comments sparked diplomatic outcry not only in India’s rival Pakistan, but also in wealthy Arab states that normally have close ties with India.

More than 20 countries have publicly condemned the declaration. This tough stance quickly made India’s Bharatiya Janata Party the catalyst for the collapse.

The party apologized and suspended Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal, another person accused of tweeting about Prophet Muhammad.

But many Muslim countries have viewed this move by the Indian government as lackluster, particularly given the brutal retaliation against members of India’s 200 million Muslim minority who took to the streets in protest. Several protesters were killed, hundreds were arrested and footage of protesters being vandalized in connection with this has surfaced on the internet.

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