Indian youth protest against new military recruitment system

India cut staff and lowered pension spending.

REPUBLIC.CO.ID, LUCKNOW – Angry mobs set fire to India’s ruling party office. They also attacked train infrastructure and blocked roads on Thursday (06/16/2022). As a protest against the new military recruitment system.

This week the Prime Minister’s Government Narendra Modi announced a reshuffle to recruit 1.38 million forces. The government wants to reduce staff retirements and cut pension spending.

But recruits, military veterans, opposition leaders and members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) opposed it. Protests took place in various parts of Bihar state.

Police Officer Gaurva Mangla said thousands of people had gathered in Nawada City to protest the new military recruitment system.

“They burned down the BJP office, burned tires in three busy areas of the city, damaged a bus and many private vehicles,” Mangla said on Thursday (6/16/2022).

The government and the railway company issued a statement. They said protesters vandalized various train properties across Bihar, set fire to two benches in two locations and damaged tracks and stations.

Police said demonstrations were also taking place in northern Haryana state and western Rajastan. Both are military locations India do recruitment.

The new recruitment system will attract men and women aged 17 and 21.5 for four-year terms. Only a quarter serves longer.

In the past, the army, navy and air force recruited separately. As a non-commissioned officer or in the lowest rank, only persons over the age of 17 can compete. Shorter tenures worry potential recruits.

“Where do we go after serving only four years?” said a young man surrounded by protesters in Bihar’s Jehanabad district.

“We will be homeless after four years of service, we will fill the street,” he added.

Smoke rises from burning tires along Jehanabad Road. The protesters chanted slogans and push-ups to show they were fit enough to serve.

Bihar and the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh were hit by protests against the recruitment process for railway workers in January this year. Shows India’s unresolved unemployment problem.

Source: Reuters

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