Indian SpiceJet plane makes emergency landing due to engine fire

PATNA, – The Indian airline SpiceJet made an emergency landing in the city of Patna on Sunday (6/19/2022) because its left engine caught fire during the flight.

The plane to New Delhi carried 185 passengers on a domestic flight. All passengers were safely evacuated.

Patna was the departure city and the SpiceJet engine caught fire shortly after takeoff.

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“The plane was returning to Patna Airport after local residents (on the ground) saw fire on the plane’s left wing and alerted airport officials,” District Judge Chandrashekhar Singh told reporters.

“All 185 passengers were safely offloaded. The cause of the fire was a technical error. The engineering team is analyzing it,” Singh added AFP.

A passenger told reporters that there was a lot of noise on board the plane for the first 15 minutes after takeoff.

“The pilot announced there were some problems and we were going back to Patna… it was pretty scary,” said Pacifica, who gave just one name.

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A bird that struck an engine could have started a fire, local news television says NDTV citing aviation sources.

SpiceJet has been in the spotlight for the past few weeks.

Earlier, aviation authorities fined one million Indian rupees (about Rs 190.25 million) for training Boeing 737 MAX pilots on a faulty simulator.

In April 2022, authorities banned 90 SpiceJet pilots from operating the plane because they were not properly trained, according to local media reports.

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