Indian researcher: Covid-19 is becoming the “common factor” among acute hepatitis cases

Tribunnews reporter Fitri Wulandari

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, NEW DELHI – A research team in India is also investigating the possibility that the coronavirus (Covid-19) caused the occurrence of dozens of cases of acute hepatitis of unknown cause in a group of children in central India in April-July 2021.

The results are only now attracting attention because similar cases have been popping up around the world recently.

Quoted from the site www.cbc.caSunday (5/15/2022), their preprint observational study, which was not peer-reviewed due to funding issues, analyzed 475 children from across India who tested positive for Covid-19.

From the analysis, 47 of them revealed cases of severe hepatitis.

Then, in this group, 10 were found with symptoms of multiple inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), but this suspicion was excluded.

The remaining 37 were classified as what researchers termed COVID-19-associated childhood hepatitis (CAH-C).

“One common factor we found was that they were all infected or all had a history of Covid-19. We also ran antibody tests for Covid-19 in these children and the maximum number of children who came with the disease were antibody positive,” he said. The study’s lead author, microbiologist and professor at Bundelkhand Medical College in Madhya Pradesh , India, Dr Summit Treat.

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Indian researchers then looked for other common causes behind 37 cases of severe acute hepatitis ranging from hepatitis A, C, E and others such as varicella zoster virus, herpes and cytomegalovirus (CMV).

But I haven’t found anything that could explain the symptoms.

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