Indian patient shares what it feels like to have Omicron until it is cured


A man from Delhi, India named Sahil Thakur is the first patient of the Omicron variant in his city. He has now been released from the hospital and will be isolated and observed in his home for 14 days.

The 37-year-old man also shared his story when it was confirmed he was infected with the variant of Omicron. Starting with the symptoms up to the treatment during the hospital stay.

“I was told that I would be observed at home for 14 days and that the doctor would examine me regularly,” he said, quoted from the Hindustan Times, Thursday (December 23, 2021).

Known to be infected with the Omicron variant

Thakur was first diagnosed with the Omicron variant on December 6, 2021, exactly three days after India’s first case of Omicron was reported. He just returned from a business trip in Dubai on December 4th, 2021.

Upon arrival at the airport, Thakur was asked to fill out an e-Suvida form. However, when he arrived at the airport, he was not tested. He decided to go home as a precaution and self-isolate in his room.

“But I had to fly to Bombay on December 7th, so I tested for COVID-19 myself before traveling. I tested positive for COVID-19 on December 6th, so my travel plans were canceled and I was informed two days later . ” from the authorities that I am positive about the Omicron variant, “said Thakur.

No symptoms appear

When he first arrived at the airport from Dubai, Thakur had no symptoms. He didn’t have a cough, sore throat, or fever. Therefore, it was not tested for COVID-19 upon arrival at the airport.

“And I wasn’t tested when I got to the airport, so I left. Also, I had no symptoms, cough, sore throat, or fever. So I just went home and isolated myself in my room as a precaution. ” he said.

Thakur was allowed to isolate himself at home until December 11, 2021. Then an ambulance came and took him to the LNJP hospital. During this time, Thakur claimed to have no symptoms. He also admitted that this wasn’t the first time he’d contracted COVID-19.

“I was really lucky. It’s a highly contagious variant, but my parents tested it and it was negative, and several other people I had direct contact with were also negative. And now we all have to be very careful,” explained he .

Guarded by the police during the observation period

Now Thakur is still in a phase of observation and isolation in his house. During this time he was guarded by 3-4 police officers in front of his home.

“They were very polite and also provided us with daily necessities as neither of us could go out until the restrictions were put in place. Even after home isolation restrictions were lifted, maybe after 3-4 days, I was told, I will be followed at home for 14 days and the doctor will examine me intermittently. “

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