Indian national arrested for passport forgery at Soetta airport, claiming he wanted to do business in Indonesia

TANGERANG – Head of TPI Soekarno Hatta Class I Special Office Romi Yudianto said his party is currently investigating the case of an Indian citizen with the initials RM who was arrested for forging passport documents.

“The destination in Indonesia is still being researched. In the meantime, according to this foreigner's confession, he came to Indonesia to do business. “The confession,” Romi said when it was confirmed on Friday, February 11.

“We are still investigating (the perpetrator), because the person concerned always changes when asked,” he continued.

Romi said the perpetrator would be investigated for 30 days. If there is enough evidence later, his party will hand it over to the prosecutor.

“Of course, the investigation is in custody for 30 days. If we have enough evidence, we will hand it over to the prosecution,” he said.

Earlier, it was reported that a Foreign National (WNA) from India with the initials RM was arrested. RM used a series of forged documents when entering Soekarno Hatta Airport in Tangerang City.

Romi Yudianto, head of the TPI Soekarno-Hatta Special Class I Office, said the incident occurred on Tuesday, February 8. He said RM entered Indonesia with a passport that did not contain his real name.

“A foreigner with the initials RM was caught red-handed using a fake passport with the initials VM and an altered photo,” Romy said in a written statement on Thursday, February 10.

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