Indian citizens can now access official documents via WhatsApp

Meta wants WhatsApp to work like WeChat in China.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW DELHI – Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology India As announced on Monday (05/23/2022), Indian citizens can now access various official documents via WhatsApp. This is a significant advance by Meta close Whatsapp so important in india.

This program is integrated into the digital Digilocker documents. In the future, WhastApp will become an important link in many ways that can help increase the value of the app for Indian users.

WhatsApp is currently on platform most popular messaging in India with more than 487 million users. As India’s digital information continues to take shape, more and more people are turning to WhatsApp to stay connected. For example, Meta is building more options for bill payments, currency exchange, shopping, and more.

In many ways, Meta wants to emulate the way messaging apps are used in China WeChat has become an indispensable tool for many everyday interactions. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, WeChat is also an application that displays health status via barcodes to use public transportation.

Reported by Social MediaToday, As of Tuesday (5/24/2022), Chinese users regularly use their digital identity via messaging apps to conduct almost all of their daily transactions. These include shopping, transportation, utility payments, banking, and others.

Meta has tried to emulate the WeChat concept with Western users at various stages, starting with its push to integrate Messenger bots in 2016 and ending with the launch of Facebook Pay, which soon became Meta Pay in different markets.

Unfortunately, those efforts didn’t allow Messenger to grow beyond that platform messaging. But in India, Meta sees a huge opportunity to make WhatsApp a more important element for the country’s 1.4 billion citizens.

At the same time, Meta is also introducing new business tools like recurring notifications and free WhatsApp cloud hosting. In India, Meta wants to see the widest use of these features, with each step strengthening the app as an important utility in India.

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