India threatens to ban VPN service providers

India cracks down on corporations VPN. The Ministry of Information Technology asked the VPN company Keep user data for five years or more. The Indian government has introduced new rules Internet security at the beginning of the month. The new government regulation requires VPN companies to collect and store user data for at least five years. In addition, the Indian government has declared that it will launch a campaign of repression against them operator VPNs that don’t follow the guidelines.

Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, warned VPN companies unwilling to comply with the new guidelines. Chandrasekhar said VPN service providers who don’t follow the new guidelines will have no choice but to leave India. Especially, NordVPN is already preparing to move its servers out of the country. that VPN service provider does not want to store and collect the data of its users.

A business or organization with good intentions knows that a safe and reliable internet is a useful tool, Chandrasekhar said. He published frequently asked Questions on the new guidelines for reporting cases of cyber breach. He also stressed the need to keep user data for at least five years. Chandrasekhar suggested that virtual private servers, data centers, and VPN companies follow these guidelines. Most of these companies VPN fee for their services. However, there is no shortage of free VPN service providers online.

In short, a service provider Free VPNs users’ personal data leaked last year. Today, the Indian government gives VPN companies no choice. These companies must therefore comply with the new guidelines unless they are willing to leave the country.

The Minister for Information Technology reiterated this in a PTI report (via NSBB News). Mr Chandrasekhar warned companies VPN Keeping records when they don’t have them. He also turned to companies that wish to remain anonymous. Chandrasekhar said so Companies that want to hide will eventually have to retreat from India.

Therefore, VPN companies that do not comply with the new guidelines will have to leave India. Besides the CERT-In urges VPN companies to keep it that way Details about their customers.

For example, they need to keep information like names, addresses, and even phone numbers of their customers. Besides the CERT-In states that VPN providers should keep email addresses, subscription periods and IP addresses of their customers. Finally, they are now asked to record the reason why the customer is using their service VPN. These new guidelines will come into effect from June 2022.

VPN services use remote servers. They therefore allow users to disguise their location when accessing the Internet. ISPs do not have access to these users’ search history. These programs are special popular with ethical hackers and investigative journalists. VPN services allow themaccess websites that have been blocked in their country.

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