India tests Agni-5 ballistic missile with a range of 5,000 km

NEW DELHI, – India is testing a ballistic missile that can carry a nuclear warhead up to 5,000 kilometers, the Ministry of Defense said.

The ballistic missile test takes place amid tensions with China over the border conflict.

The Agni-5 rocket was launched on Wednesday evening (October 27, 2021) from the island of Abdul Kalam off the east coast of India and crashed into the Bay of Bengal.

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“The successful test … is in line with India’s stated policy of ‘credible minimal deterrence’ in support of its ‘no first use’ (nuclear weapons) commitments,” the Indian Defense Ministry was quoted as saying. AFP.

The 17-meter long rocket had previously been tested several times, but not at night. Local media said the trial period was aimed at sending a signal to Beijing.

The conflict between China and India has escalated since 20 Indian soldiers were killed in clashes on the controversial border with the Himalayas in June 2020.

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The two nuclear armed neighbors later reinforced their borders with tens of thousands of additional troops.

India has deepened defense cooperation with Western countries in recent years, including in the Quad Alliance with the USA, Japan and Australia.

New Delhi is also a major buyer of Russian military hardware, ordering Moscow’s S-400 missile defense system despite threats of US sanctions over the $ 5.4 billion deal.

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The Financial Times This month it was reported that China had tested a hypersonic missile that orbited Earth in low orbit before descending but missed its target.

Beijing denies the report, insisting that it is a routine test of a reusable spacecraft.

Hypersonic is becoming a new trend in missile technology as they fly lower and are harder to spot than ballistic missiles. Hypersonic missiles can hit targets faster and are more agile.

The United States, Russia, China, and North Korea have all tested hypersonic missiles, and several other countries are developing the technology, including India.

according to Times of India, New Delhi is working to allow the Agni-5 to carry multiple nuclear warheads at the same time so that they can split up and hit different targets.

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