India refines its candidacy – Sports & Society

In a meeting with several national media outlets late last week, India’s Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports confirmed India’s interest in hosting the 2036 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, for which a bid is being prepared.

View of the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat state, India (Credits – Indian Premier League)

DIn the run-up to the 2036 Summer Games and for subsequent editions Around ten National Olympic Committees (NOCs) are now holding more or less formal discussions with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). and this is based on the model of the new Future Host selection process.

To the satisfaction of the institution in Lausanne (Switzerland), this interest is reflected all over the world, with applications or expressions of interest from all over the world Mexicoof Hungaryof’Germanyfrom Great Britainof Türkiyeof’Egyptfrom Qatarbut also South Koreaof’Indonesiaof’Indiaand possibly too China and thatSaudi Arabia.

Among its more or less declared competitors, India has shown for some years a certain determination to once thought about running for the 2024 GamesBefore Give up to focus on preparing for future dates through better structuring of its networks and a strong commitment to regional planning.

Also for two years the idea of ​​an Olympic and Paralympic project with a focus on Ahmedabad in the state of Gujaratis progressing gradually, the principle is based on the installation of a huge sports complex of 95 hectares around Narendra Modi Stadium of 110,000 seats.

In recent months, local and regional authorities have even taken a further step: with the adoption of specific urban planning regulations for the intended sectorL’Beginning of the first land operations and more recently the tender from the world-famous architectural firm, Populousalready at work Narendra Modi Stadium.

Anurag Thakur, Indian Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports, in August 2023 (Source: Anurag Thakur / Official Facebook Page)

Even on the highest peak of the Indian state, there is great interest in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, The Prime Minister had several opportunities to raise the prospect of organizing the global event in the country. For his part, last weekend, the Indian Minister of Youth and Sports reiterated the determination of the public authorities to create the conditions to first build a solid candidacy and then establish a convincing territorial project.

As Anurag Thakur said: on the sidelines of a meeting with Indian mediathis Saturday, August 12, 2023:

Sport is an area that is very close to the Prime Minister’s heart.

Nobody spoke to us or contacted us [au sujet de l’organisation des Jeux du Commonwealth de 2026]We also didn’t express any interest or go to anyone.

But what we will be watching are the future Olympic Games.

The 2036 edition is exactly what we envision, considering how India is growing as an economy and the impact we have across all sectors.

The head of state, who has been in office since July 2021 after serving as Minister of State for Finance, went even further in his remarks.

As he specifically mentioned:

The 2032 Games have already been taken, but we will apply for 2036.

The application preparations have begun.

Visual of the massive sports complex project in Ahmedabad, India, including the original choice of an athletes’ village on the banks of the Sabarmati River (Source: Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority)

In any case, the next developments surrounding an Indian candidacy could benefit from the arrival of the IOC in the fall.

The upcoming date of the 140th IOC session should therefore represent a new stage – if not a stepping stone – in realizing India’s ambitions.

The authorities will then strive to give the best possible welcome to the members of the Olympic institution expected in Bombay between October 15 and 17, 2023, while demonstrating that India is today in a position to claim the organization of the games.