India is suffering from a major heat wave


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A. Forget, A. Guérard, M. Boyer, A. Bhat, R. Khatri, A. Védeilhé – France 2

France TV

India and Pakistan become kilns. Temperatures there are approaching 50 degrees.

Thursday, April 28th, and for the past three days, a gigantic wild garbage dump has been on fire in New Delhi (India), while a great heat wave hits the capital. Garbage burns and firefighters work tirelessly to put out the blaze. The dry and hot weather here would have produced an excess of methane and triggered the outbreak of the fire. For the past two months, New Delhi has experienced unusually high temperatures for the time of year. On Thursday it was 43 degrees compared to the normal 37 degrees in April.

The workers no longer know how to deal with the heat. “It’s so hot it’s unbearable. Usually March and April are mild, it’s spring. It’s the months of May, June and July that are very hot.”laments Deepak Kumar, warehouse worker. The first victims of these extreme conditions are the residents of the poorest neighborhoods. In places, the heat leads to power outages and most houses have no air conditioning.

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