India is helpless in the face of a historic heatwave

A woman and children drink in Allahabad, northern India. SANJAY KANOJIA/AFP

DECODE – A historic heatwave reveals the country’s vulnerability to global warming.

New Delhi

Is India done with the heatwave? The Meteorological Office hoped for this at the beginning of the week. Temperatures of over 40 degrees recorded in the north since April fell on Tuesday and Wednesday. But the breathing space will be short: From Thursday the thermometer will rise again.

The subcontinent is used to heat waves in May and June before the arrival of the monsoon. But this year’s came as a surprise because it came out on March 11th, in the middle of spring. The Northwest and Center have experienced the hottest temperatures since 1900! New Delhi struggled with peak temperatures of 46 degrees. In other regions, such as Rajasthan, it became hellishly hot: in the city of Bikaner it was 47 °C on April 30th.

The gap in renewables

This early heatwave highlighted India’s backwardness in renewable energy, particularly solar, and its reliance on coal. By using air conditioning…

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