India is free from the Covid-19 tsunami, here are 3 keys, JAKARTA- India managed to escape the tsunami Covid-19After the number of cases reached more than 414,000 on May 6, 2021, it has currently been possible to reduce the daily number of cases to the range of 54,000. What are the keys

Randeep Guleria, director of the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) said: Covid-19 Variant Delta although it shouldn’t be a problem if people want to be disciplined about implementing health protocols across the country.

Guleria highlighted three main weapons to prevent the spread of the Delta variant as well as a possible third wave of Covid-19 in India.

Given concerns about the emergence of the Delta variant in several countries, Guleria said the spread of each variant can be well controlled by three things, namely health protocols, bans, and vaccinations.

“Three weapons can even prevent the spread of any variant,” said Guleria, reported by on Wednesday (23.06.2021).

Guleria added that regardless of the variant in circulation, no one should be negligent in implementing health protocols, all parties must be aware of the possibility of an increase in cases.

He also added that this time everyone should be more vigilant to avoid the occurrence of a third wave. In addition, countries struggling with the Delta variant should be more aggressive with testing and follow-up, and encourage more people to get vaccinated.

“Any variation shouldn’t be a problem if everyone follows health protocols properly and in a disciplined manner,” he said.

Regarding Covid-19 vaccinations for children, Guleria added that children also need vaccinations if a country is really serious about dealing with the pandemic.

“Pfizer has received FDA approval for the Covid-19 vaccination in children and is also approved for use in India. Bharat Biotech and other companies are running studies at high speed, especially because they need parental consent for studies on children, “Guleria said.

Guleria said the results of this study are expected to be completed sooner and can be followed up for the next 2-3 months. India is expected to receive clinical trial results data in September.

“Hopefully approval can come soon after the results of the clinical trials are published, around September-October, so we can have a vaccine for children right away,” added Guleria.

In view of the already declining cases, the Indian government is currently announcing an easing of the lockdown. Experts, including Guleria, warn of the possibility of a third wave that is said to be more affecting children.

“The government should be more careful about reopening schools. Personally, I think the schools should be opened up gradually, ”added Guleria.

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