India is expected to be split into two parts just like Africa

India is expected to be divided into two parts. PHOTO/ IFL SCIENCE

NEW DELHI – A recent study published in the journal Nature Geoscience in February 2023 found that the India-Australia-Capricorn tectonic plate, which includes the Indian region, Australia , and parts of the Indian Ocean are likely to be split in two within millions of years.

This research was carried out by a team of scientists from different countries. They used geomagnetic and seismic data to analyze the movement of tectonic plates in the region.

As IFL Science reported on Wednesday (01/17/2024), the earthquake pattern in the region confirms this case and shows that the intrusion into the Earth's mantle occurred from the eastern side of the plateau.

“This is the first time this fish has been caught in a state of decline,” van Hinsbergen told Science Magazine.

The research shows that the India-Australia-Capricorn tectonic plate is undergoing rifting along a fault zone known as the Sunda-Banda rift zone. This rift zone lies in the northwestern part of the plate, between India and Australia.

This plate splitting occurs because different parts of the India-Australia-Capricorn tectonic plate move at different speeds. The part of the plate in India is moving north faster than the part of the plate in Australia.

With an estimated fission rate of about 1.7 millimeters per year, the India-Australia-Capricorn tectonic plate will split into two in about a million years.

Tectonic plate splitting is nothing new. Previously, the African tectonic plate had also split into two parts, creating the Arabian tectonic plate and the African tectonic plate.