India hosted a meeting of fans of “Denis’s Tales” by Dragunsky – Culture

NEW DELHI, September 18th. / Corr. TASS Evgeny Pakhomov /. On Saturday an online literary evening was held in Mumbai, dedicated to the children’s book “Deniskin Stories” by Viktor Dragunsky (1913-1972). As Sergey Fandeev, the director of the Russian House in Mumbai, told TASS, the event was organized in cooperation with the Literary Club. FMDostoevsky, which was recently founded as part of the Indian-Russian Friendship Society of Western India.

“We organized a literary meeting dedicated to this wonderful children’s book, although the meeting was held from a distance. Teachers and students from the Russian language departments at nine universities in the West Indies attended,” said Fandeev.

The meeting was attended from Moscow and the son of the author of this literary work, including the writer Denis Dragunsky, the prototype of many stories in the book. He told attendees about his father, how Deniskin’s stories were written. “I was very pleased to learn that one of the participants at the meeting received Deniskin’s Stories as a six-year gift in Hindi and is now reading this book to her son,” Dragunsky told a TASS correspondent on the phone.

Indian translators from Russian also shared their impressions. Among them is the winner of the AS Pushkin Medal, Professor Nilakshi Suryanarayan, who spoke about the benefits of such literature for the education of the younger generation. “Children’s books are very important to the younger generation, and Deniskin’s stories are a great example of such literature,” she said.

Anagha Bhat, Professor of Russian at Pune University, who translated Dragoon’s stories into Marathi, and Professor Charumani Ramdas, who translated this book into Hindi, also spoke at the meeting. The participants of the meeting agreed to hold a presentation of “Denis’s Tales” in the colleges of the economic capital of India, Mumbai, afterwards.