India exam cheater caught with bluetooth flip-flops

NEW DELHI, India – Ten people were arrested in India for planning to cheat with Bluetooth devices hidden in their flip-flops in highly competitive teaching exams, police said.

Copying or copying other people’s works has long been a problem in India, and for Sunday’s state exams, which were attended by 1.6 million students in Rajasthan state, police had permission to snap up mobile internet access during the tests.

But one group planned to work around this with devices hidden in the soles of their flip-flops that could receive normal calls that would be wirelessly broadcast to tiny receivers in their ears.

The plan was for accomplices from outside to call the hidden gadgets and dictate the correct answers to the exams, said Priti Chandra, a police officer in the western town of Bikaner.

But the group of prospective teachers was arrested suspiciously cautiously in front of the examination room on the eve of the exams and the devices were discovered in their shoes.

“We were aware of the possibility of the fraud, but we thought it was a questionnaire or someone was using the internet, which is why it was restricted in many cities,” Chandra told AFP.

“But that was a completely new modus operandi. (You) get so tech-savvy.”

Research found that at least 25 students bought these flip-flops from a gang for 600,000 rupees ($ 8,100) per pair.

The information was shared with several other counties in time for the exams, and many centers asked students to take off their shoes outside of the exam room.

“In one case, we caught a student after the exam and had to take him to a doctor to identify the bluetooth device and remove it from his ear,” Chandra said.

Fraud is rife in India’s highly competitive government, universities, and even school exams, and authorities are grappling with increasingly sophisticated methods to help people.

This includes professionals who make a living posing as others and taking exams in their place, to gangs who steal exam papers or illegally procure and then sell them. – France media agency