India: Discovery of the Andaman Islands



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A. Forget, A. Bhat, B. Goswami, U. Cailloux – France 2

France TV

Off the islands of Sumatra (India)the country wants to open the islands more to tourists andaman which are unique for their marine biodiversity, their preserved unspoiled nature. But an indigenous people refuses all contact with the outside world.

It’s an unknown paradise lost in the Oclean Indian. The islands andaman (India) are composed of 572 islands, only 36 of which are inhabited. Often compared In the Maldives, they are less frequented because of the beauty of their landscapes. However, the archipelago is full of treasures. An instructor takes student divers out to sea to explore the seabedWonder. “The visibility is exceptional, it’s flat and you see so much coral”he reports. An Indian tourist is enchanted. “I’m speechless”he said.

The islands andaman also house a pristine and lush nature. Under British rule, these islands were used as a prison to imprison the nicknamed defenders of independence “freedom fighter”. However, because of the Sentinels, a people who have no contact with the outside world, access to the islands is forbidden to tourists. In 2018, even an American tourist was killed by these people for trying to meet them. Entering their country without permission can lead to arrests.

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