India claims to have foiled a Chinese cyber attack

India said Thursday it foiled a cyberattack launched by Chinese hackers that targeted India’s power distribution grid near the border between the world’s two most populous countries.

Two attempts by Chinese hackers unsuccessfully targeted a power distribution grid near Ladakh(North), Energy Minister RK Singh told reporters in New Delhi. India has deployed a defense system to prevent such cyber attacks, the minister said. The day before, the US intelligence service Recorded Future had pointed out that the Indian electricity distribution network had been the target of at least seven attacks in the past few months.

In northern India, these attempts targeted the area near the disputed Sino-Indian border in Ladakh‘ confirmed Recorded Future, which submitted its information to the Indian authorities. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian denied that China could have launched such cyber attacks. “We will never support such activities‘ he explained.

Almost a year and a half after clashes in the Ladakh region that killed at least 20 Indian soldiers and four on the Chinese side, India has beefed up its defenses along the border separating Arunachal Pradesh from Tibet, an area of ​​high tension with China. The two rival nuclear nations regularly patrol areas claimed or controlled by the other. India also accuses China of establishing permanent settlements near its border.

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