India caught in the Afghan trap

DECODING – New Delhi fears the country will once again become a base for anti-Indian jihadists and there is a lack of opportunities to influence the Taliban, Pakistan’s ally.

New Delhi

The decision was bitter for New Delhi. When the Taliban approached Kandahar dangerously in southern Afghanistan on July 11, the Indian government evacuated diplomats from their consulate. A military plane is sent there to send them back to their homeland, although Afghan workers are keeping the post open. After nineteen years of diplomatic presence, combined with $ 3 billion in investment and humanitarian aid, India is tempted to leave the country without achieving its goals.

“The world, the countries of the region and the Afghan people want the same thing: (…) to ensure that the neighboring states are not threatened by terrorism. There are forces behind the scenes who pursue very different goals. “, denounced Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar at a meeting with his counterparts from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on July 14th. Behind the diplomatic varnish hints at the hauntings of all Indian governments

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