India between brothers with the Rajasthan Express in concert on Sunday 27th March

Amrat, Sanjay and Teepu Hussain are three brothers from a respected family of musicians. Regarding their repertoire, tablâs, small percussion, vocal percussion, singing… They received special training in their big house in Jaipur, whose music room was the beating heart and the real playroom.

For seven generations, from father to son, everyone has had their place in the big family concert under the demanding and tender looks of the elders. Here is the extraordinary story told by the members of the Amrat Hussain Brothers Trio in a heartfelt concert, flashing smiles and the extraordinary complicity that binds them. Tablas, chants and acrobatic castanets guide us among skillful rhythms, Bollywood melodies, traditional lullabies and Sufi music that celebrates the shimmering splendor of northern India’s cultures. The Rajasthan Express, accustomed to the biggest stages in the world, stops at 4pm on Sunday March 27th at the Municipal Hall at the JMF de la Vallée de la Haute Meurthe in Saint-Léonard.

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Ticket office at the Fraize Tourist Office on 03 29 50 43 75 or 06 79 40 84 88 or Jean-Paul Houvion on 06 85 95 89 32. Prices: 12 euros on booking and 15 euros the day of the concert .

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